It is a common experience that when there is no electricity, or we do not have time to cook food we opt for precooked food that is ready to serve. The same way human mind keeps store of prefabricated expressions and ideas very often in the form of idioms, phrases or sayings that we confidently state the moment we are at a loss to come up with an original expression requiring mental effort. The subconscious mind that runs many times faster that the conscious mind does a quick search to pick most suitable expression, idea or thought in response to a situation that calls us to reflect. So to say we speak before we think. While this is an economic practice for the mind for answering routine questions, it can cause embarrassment many a time when we fail to be receptive to non standard question or situation. With age we generally lose this ability of the mind and have to come rush back with an apology.

Very often, when someone is trying to communicate an idea or thought, our minds runs faster than his in anticipating what he/she intends to say, so we interrupt and say” I know what you have in mind” or ‘ what you are wanting to say. If our guess is wrong then nothing can be more annoying to the other person than that! This is a common experience when verbal dual escalates for no real rhyme or reason. So practice to do real time thinking.


LANGUAGE-the Magnificent Invention

If Intelligence is defined as the system’s ability to sense environmental stimuli, and respond for one’s survival or growth then even bacteria qualify for it. However, what distinguishes human intelligence from other immediately lower animals such as monkeys is the ability to learn from experience and share it with others.  The invention of language that accelerated conceptual thinking is by far the single most important factor that has contributed to the exponential growth of human intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. A” word” represents a concept real or abstract and with the help of grammatical rules one can combine words by establishing relationship among them. Through words we can combine pictures as well.  This is how ideas and thoughts are formed and communicated.

The existence of a “word” implies simultaneously the existence of “meaning” or what that word conveys. Different words, with almost similar meaning, add to the richness of a language.  Dictionaries keep track of these. A language is one that is spoken and understood and so is live. Dictionaries also contain shift in the meaning of words over a period of time when same word is being used in very differently is different periods of human history. Curiously enough even the same word at one time used in different context can have more than one meaning. The linguists tell us that this further add to the richness of a language. So it is the right choice of words and expression that gives power to our thoughts.

What is meant by empty words? When we express thoughts that do not carry our emotions do not convey enough meaning except that they are spoken for formality’s sake. At times we say something sarcastically to convey just the opposite meaning. It is this use of expressions, accidentally or intentionally that cause a lot of misunderstanding among people and call for clarifications

Expanding the connotation of the term language even mathematics and computer software are languages for they too have symbols and their rules to combine them to make sense. Incidentally, Artificial intelligence has also advanced to acquire learning ability like humans. Who knows robots may develop super intelligence in near future and become the source of all future knowledge! Also it is scary to think if the robots too add to the pool of confusion by misusing the language the tool for expressing thoughts.



We all know from experience that our mind at times wanders but rarely question why it does so.It could be that whatever is being said by the parent, teacher or boss is not of our interest so the mind finds something else more amusing. Or we find too hard to focus attention on what is not of our liking. Whatever be the cause, one thing is certain that we enjoy free float of the mind simply because we do not have to make a mental effort –day dreaming or in sleep enjoyment is same..

The wandering mind activity could be triggered either by the right brain that does the visual thinking. Activated upon by the visual images being received by us currently,  or, past images stored in our memory.  It could also result from recurrence of words, ideas or thoughts triggering in our Left brain. Or, a combination of both brain hemispheres. This activity of the mind is what I call as purposeless thinking since ideas move from one to another randomly. If this is done once in a while it is fine but often in a sizable number of people it becomes a habit. Such a thinking is destructive since even if the ideas when taken separately make sense in themselves but taken together do not make any cohesive meaning. Thus, the mental activity is wasteful. It is gross underutilization of our thinking ability.  Perhaps , many of us do not realize potential of human mind just as many of us do not realize the importance of natural resources and often waste them carelessly. It is this purposeless approach to life that makes many to take life casually by thinking casually.


I have deliberately chosen the well known term ”Lateral Thinking” coined by Dr Edward De Bono (a leading authority on Creative Thinking),as I want you to get out of your regular subroutine of thinking, that is do out-of-box thinking on the very concept of thinking. In other words, meta -thinking. This is to help you appreciate the complexities or Cybernetics of the Science of thinking. We know that any scientific disciple has to have a scientific approach or method.

This may involve, creative thinking, critical thinking, deductive, inductive logical thinking, analogical or other forms of reasoning, observations and experimentations. It may also require observations and experimentations over a period of time to establish the generality/Universality of truth/theory/Law being attempted to be established. Just as one employs different scientific instruments to arrive at the consistency of the objective reality, we also need to adopt different modes of thinking tools or instruments of scientific inquiry to overcome the bias associated with a particular form of thinking.  For example, the gut feeling based upon our subconscious thinking or visual thinking may not be at par with our conscious scientific thinking. The fact as we now know is that no single mode of thinking can help us know the complete truth about the problem at hand and that we need to adopt several modes of thinking to dawn the complete picture by piecing together the information obtained through different thinking tools. This portrays the Cybernetics of Science of thinking.



The ability to think is perhaps the beginning of human civilization.
I think therefore I am.
I exist therefore I think
You think before you think
Thinking is a process and thought its outcome
Thinking is not unique to humans-lower animals also think
Robots now have the ability to learn from experience and improve their learning ability like humans
We can learn and understand even without knowing the actual process of learning and understanding but after knowing them we can accelerate our learning/understanding ability
Meta thinking is thinking about thinking

Thinking without thinking vs Design thinking


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The history of human civilization is the history of evolution of human intelligence. Since the turn of the 21 Century, knowledge has been growing at an unprecedented rapid pace. Scientific and technological knowledge explosion, like the Big Bang in different directions, in various disciplines have out stepped the human ability to comprehend the reality in total.

The real cause of this crisis is the illusion that the way we humans think is one and only the correct way and that we have the in-built ability to perceive the truth or true knowledge. It is now generally acknowledged that logical reasoning is only one of the ways or means to perceive the truth. In fact, in the Cybernetic system of thinking there are various thinking styles/modes or processes of thinking to arrive at the same truth: Creative or Lateral thinking, conceptual design thinking, lucid dreaming, meditation including yoga, computational thinking, Artificial Intelligence, hybrid biocomputing etc.  The world reality therefore cannot be said to be perceivable by utilizing only one mode of thinking.

Finally, one not only needs not only to integrate the different perceptions formed out by adopting various modes of thinking but understand their inter influences to arrive at the Cybernetics of the reality.